1. Buttstock folds to the right
2. No need for bedding
3. M-Lock compatible interfaces
4. Accepts AI, Magpul and MDT AICS style magazines
5. Made from 7075-T6 aluminium alloy
6. Hard Anodic Coatings: MIL-A-8625 Type III Class1 & Class2
7. Cheek rest made from Delrin®
8. Individually adjusted without tools

Currently available:

Automatic FSG1-H1500SA (Howa 1500 Short Action)

Automatic FSG1-H1500LA (Howa 1500 Long Action)

Automatic FSG1-R700SA (Remington 700 Short Action)

Automatic FSG1-R700LA (Remington 700 Long Action)


Ready for NV Hood installation

M-Lock compatible interfaces

Buttstock folds to the right

Individually adjusted without tools

Avaliable colors

(Mil-A-8625 (Type III: Hard Anodic Coatings)


Class 1 (Non-Dyed)


Class 2 (Dyed)

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